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Greece Woman Worried That Covid Vaccine May Result in Her Living Even Longer

Greece, NY – A local woman is terrified to set up her second dose of the Covid 19 vaccine out of fear that it will lead to her having to endure an even longer life within the town of Greece.

” Considering how much I smoke and drink I figured I only had 20 maybe 30 more years tops but now it looks like I might have to actually start preparing for a long and healthy lifespan, thanks a lot Pfizer!” said the woman who refused to be named for fear of being identified as someone who willingly lives in Greece, NY.

Many in the town share the same concerns over the vaccine.

“What the hell am I supposed to do now? I’m 35 and don’t even have a 401k, I didn’t ask for this.” said a local man, who also refused to be named out of fear that his Trump supporting parents would no longer pay for his studio apartment on Dewey ave if they discovered he had been vaccinated.

The average lifespan of a Greece, NY millennial skyrocketed to over 50 for the first time in years as vaccine rates increased within the town. Some say that they might even live to see the Bills lose another Super Bowl.

RPD Officers Punished With Devastating Pay Raise and Deep Tissue Massage

Rochester, NY – This week a shocking new video showed a Rochester Police Officer pepper spraying a mother in front of her toddler. The officer is said to be the same man who in January proper sprayed a 9 year old girl.

Many have complained that the Police in Rochester haven’t been punished for their actions regarding these cases and the Daniel Prude case, but it seems as though enough is enough and the hammer of justice has finally come down upon them as all officers involved in these incidents have been issued a devastating $10k a year pay raise as well as a coupon for one free deep tissue massage to be given to them personally by the Police Chief.

“Let this be a lesson to everyone that we in Rochester won’t stand for this” said the Chief, as he appeared to be slowly jerking off one of the officers under the table.

The Police Accountability Board has investigated the officers in question and has found them “guilty of having big penises and being sexy geniuses who are good not bad”

Mayor Lovely Warren issued her own punishment as she viciously handed the officers the key to the city in an opulent ceremony.

We called the officer from this weeks incident to see if he had any comments for our article and he swiftly attempted to pepper spray us through the phone.

Boomer Bills Fan Able to Achieve an Erection for First Time in 25 Years

Rochester, NY – Local 65-year-old Bills fan John Henson has reported that after the Bills won their game this past Saturday against the Colts that he has finally been able to achieve and maintain a full erection for the first time in decades.

“I couldn’t believe it, as soon as that Hail Mary went up and I could tell that it wasn’t going to hit a colts receiver I felt something move. I almost didn’t believe it was real, but once I figured out it wasn’t just an optical illusion from my zubaz pants, I started crying,” said Henson from his hospital bed; he had admitted himself late Saturday evening after reporting an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

Doctors are studying whether or not a Bills Super Bowl win could cure erectile dysfunction for the entire Western New York area.

Arcadia High School Students Overthrow Lunchroom, Declare Lunch Ladies Hiring Unconstitutional

Violence broke out at Greece Arcadia High School as students of the school stormed the lunch room to demand that the recent hiring of a lunch lady be overturned.

The school security tried to disperse the crowd using weaponized non lethal tiny chocolate milk cartons.

“Our demands will be met! We will not sit idly by and eat the same spicy chicken sandwich every day! The time has come for turkey and gravy, as well as more of that sesame chicken that doesn’t really taste like sesame chicken! Our time is now!” Said a 16 year old who refused to be named.

The student was seen waving a flag made of the wrappers of lukewarm hamburgers.

“Wait they what? Do they think I’m the one who is in charge of deciding the lunch menu?” Said the lunch lady from her protective bunker.

The superintendent of the school has yet to speak publicly on the subject but tweeted his support for the protests by saying.

“There are very fine people on both sides of the lunch line”

Ghost of Christmas Past Shows Danny Wegman Vision of Utopia Where Chase-Pitkin Still Exists

The CEO of Wegmans was visited by a strange spirit late in the night who showed him visions of a perfect world where Chase Pitkins was still in business.

There were no wars, no crimes, everyone lived in relative harmony as they joined hands to purchase basic tools and tomato seeds at a bargain bin price.

Danny was moved to tears as the spirit, who bore a striking resemblance to Bob Villa, showed him how much better off the world could have been if not for the home and garden centers demise.

There is no telling what the long standing impact of this vision will be, or if it will lead to Wegman realizing the error of his ways and how he has mistreated his friends, family, and Tiny Tim Hortons.

Thousands Gather to See Water Stain Shaped Like Billy Fuccillo

A local Rochester resident is claiming that they have witnessed a miracle as a water stain has appeared on his home that he says resembles the image of Billy Fuccillo.

“It is truly a blessing. It is a huge, huuuugggee blessing” said the man.

Thousands have traveled to see the image for themselves and some even claimed that they could also see a smaller stain that resembled Caroline.

One man even said that the stain tried to lock him in for a 30 thousand dollar loan for a Hyundai Sonata at 16% interest .

Fortune Teller at Spirit Room Somehow Didn’t See This Coming

“”Boy I really dropped the ball, huh” said Krystal Night the third generation warlock who served as Spirit Rooms official fortune teller.

Last week social media was a buzz with calls to cancel the quirky bar due to its mistreatment of employees, which seemed in stark contrast from the “nothing bad will happen in October” Tarot Card that the fortune teller had pulled while giving the owners a reading.

We were told that as retribution for the incorrect reading, the Tarot reader was body checked into the walk in freezer before being hexed with an unpaid suspension spell.

Butter Boy Tests Positive for COVID-19

Wegmans mascot Butter Boy became the latest public figure to contract the coronavirus.

Our sources say that Butter Boy May have been present at the senate confirmation hearing that has been linked to an outburst of Covid within the White House.

We are not sure what the connection is between The President and Mr.Boy at this time.

When asked if he would quarantine and wear a mask in the future Butter Boy was quoted as saying

“Of course. What kind of idiot would refuse to quarantine or wear a mask after being diagnosed with Covid-19?”

Student Wonders if His Coronavirus From MCC Will Transfer to Brockport

Rochester, NY – As many students are dealing with the uncertainty of what it means to attend school during a pandemic, some students are wondering if the coronavirus they contract from Monroe Community College will transfer with them to the four year program at Brockport.

“I just hope all of the hard work that me, my fellow students, as well as the staff here have put into this fall semester of giving each other coronavirus doesn’t go to waste,” said a student who chose to remain nameless as he spit his answer into our tape recorder during our interview.

The student said he had no sense of whether or not school would remain open for the rest of the semester, on top of also having no sense of taste or smell due to the illness that was ravaging him.

There is no telling story what the future holds for these bright-eyed students who are entering campus this fall with dreams of eventually taking the skills and antibodies they receive in school with them into their future careers.

New Law Will Force Hilton Residents to Buy a Sandwich With Their Heroin

Hilton, NY – Residents of Hilton are up in (track mark covered) arms today as Governor Cuomo has announced that there will be a new law that forces residents to purchase food along with their black tar heroin.

The move comes in an attempt to limit unnecessary gatherings during the pandemic as studies show the number 2 most enjoyed activity in Hilton was “buying heroin” right behind bowling at Pleasure Lanes while high on meth.

Many have complained that this new law infringes on their god-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of narcotics.