Bills Fan Arrested In-Flight for Jumping Through Tray Tables on UK to NY Flight

Buffalo, NY – A die-hard Buffalo fan was arrested mid-flight for doing what Bills Mafia members do best. Sending folding tables to hell.

During his return flight from London, Western NY native John Brekridge was reportedly cut off from ordering alcohol by in-flight staff and that is when things took a turn.

While the plane was 30,000 feet in the air, Mr. Brekridge was heard yelling about how much money he spent to travel to England “just to watch some bullsh** like that” before jumping from the aisle to elbow drop his folding tray table.

At first, passengers were amazed at the sheer precision of the maneuver but after the Bills fan started to move towards some empty seats to set up another jump, call buttons started lighting up all over the plane.

Upon landing in Buffalo, Brekridge was met by law enforcement officers who promptly arrested him for disorderly conduct and endangering fellow passengers. He was later released after fans rallied to pay his bail calling him “a real fan” and declaring his actions to be “justified.”

The judge overseeing his case appears to agree because his charges were dismissed this afternoon. When The Innerloop Blog reached out for a statement the court replied “This is for Matt Milano” and “Go Bills!”

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