Bugaboo Creek Reopens in Henrietta Man’s Nightmares

Henrietta, NY – The town of Henrietta is well known for being a hub of National chain stores and franchise restaurants. It’s an ever-changing landscape of businesses, many of which fail to leave an impression. However, one such establishment lives on in one man’s nightmares.

Kevin Strasenburgh, a 36-year-old Henrietta native, cannot go near the intersection of Jefferson and Clay Rd. without suffering a complete emotional breakdown. Although the hunting lodge-themed steakhouse closed in 2015, with Bar Louie taking over the building, the now demolished lot is a constant reminder of the trauma he experienced therein. Kevin was able to muster up the courage to tell The Innerloop Blog his story.

“It was sometime in the mid to late 90s. We entered the restaurant, which looked like a cabin. I sat down on the bench while my parents spoke to the hostess. It hadn’t been 2 minutes when the tree next to the bench opened its giant eyes and started talking to me. I was freaked out, to say the least. We were seated at a table in the middle of the room. I felt very uneasy as all around there were what looked like taxidermy animals and head trophies. It felt like I was being watched. I tried to concentrate on the menu, ignoring the geese and mounted deer heads surveying the room. The waiter brought me some Pogs, I suppose to calm me down, when a raccoon popped up out of a barrel. I was shaking in terror when a buffalo up on the wall started talking. I jumped up out of my seat and ran to the car.”

Kevin subsequently spent several months in psychiatric care following the ordeal. He has a prescription for anti-anxiety medication for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He noted that he still gets triggered by Tickle Me Elmo and Big Mouth Billy Bass. He maintains that the intersection will forever haunt his memory.

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