Local Man Haggling At The Rochester Public Market Manages To Save 35¢

Rochester, NY – Local man Dennis Decampo has been going to the Rochester public market every Saturday morning for the past 10 years and loves the fantastic produce, but above all else, Dennis loves to haggle.

“I dare you to try and tell the cashier at Wegmans you aren’t paying full price for bananas,” Decampo told the blog.

At his most recent public market run, Dennis managed to have his “best haggling day ever.”

He was able to talk his favorite tomato guy into shaving a nickel off of his price, he saved a dime on some bruised plums with another vendor, and after complaining about how phallic a bushel of carrots looked, the person working the table took 20¢ off their price so Decampo would stop making a scene.

“Listen I know 35¢ doesn’t seem like a lot to some people but it adds up,” says Decampo. “Sure, I have annoyed enough people working at the public market that I have been banned from several of the tables but that’s the cost of saving!”

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