Merriam-Webster Announces Name Change in an Effort to Distance Themselves From Webster NY

Springfield, MA – After nearly 200 years in the dictionary industry, Merriam-Webster has decided to change the name of their world-famous reference books.

In a statement released today, the company announced that they will now be known only as “Merriam’s Wordy McWord Book” following an online contest to choose a new name. They say that it’s a result of decades of complaints from people thinking they are named after the town of Webster.

“People who spend any amount of time in that town immediately write us saying they’ll never buy another one of our books and we can’t handle that loss of revenue anymore. Our headquarters are in Massachusetts but no matter how many times we tell people that, they do not listen, and instead complain about how bleakly caucasian this Western NY town is.”

The book was named after one of its founders Noah Webster but even the Webster estate is fine with the name change. “We changed our last name to Brighton years ago to avoid the same issues.”

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