“Beyond Dellarious: Immersive Experience” Art Exhibit Closes After Multiple Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

Rochester, NY – The “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibit is so popular in Rochester that other venues and artists are trying their hands at creating an immersive. But so far things aren’t looking good for one of the city’s most recognizable artists.

You may not know who Dellarious is but you’ve most definitely seen his art which is all over the city. His work featuring cultural icons and positive messages can be seen on walls and electric boxes in Rochester and you can buy his prints at places like the public market or even Wegmans.

Up until this point, there were no issues with his use of photographs like the multi-colored Rochester Police Department arrest photo of David Bowie. But that all changed when the “Beyond Dellarious: Immersive Experience” opened up.

After only being open for one hour, the venue was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit for copyright infringement by the photographers who originally took the photos that Dellarious edits for his work.

A lawyer representing the photographers sent a statement to the Innerloop Blog claiming their clients were “fine when their work was being used to sell smaller prints but seeing their work blown up to the size of an entire room really pissed them off.”

One of the photographers commented on the Dellarious exhibit on Twitter saying “I took a picture of Taye Diggs and made $50 from it. This guy slaps four different filters on it, projects it into a living room, and is rolling in dough. Now I know how all these NFT idiots feel!”

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