Oh, You’re A Brother Wease Fan? Name His Top Two Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Rochester, NY – There’s a lot of folks walking around this town claiming to be a Brother Wease fan and real fans are getting sick of the posers.

“I have been listening to that mutha hucka on the radio since ’85 and there’s a lot of blowhards out there that have no idea who this man really is,” said Hank Williams from Penfield. A man we later confirmed has never heard of “podercasts.”

Here’s how Wease fans identify who is and who isn’t a real fan of the Rochester media staple. To get into their fan club that meets in a makeshift illegal casino in Gates where smoking is not only encouraged, but mandatory, you have to know Wease’s real name, every cohost he’s ever had that later said it was a nightmare working with him, and you have to know the details of his out of court settlements with female coworkers.

“If you think you can walk in here with a Tedeschi Trucks Band shirt and a Bubba Dubba Cheeseburger… you’re right!” said Williams. “We’re so lonely.”

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