Danny Wegman Calls for RPD Transparency on Name, Phone Number, Prices of Granison’s Dealer

Rochester, NY – Following the arrest of Rochester’s first gentleman Timothy Granison on drug charges, local business owner Danny Wegman has publicly called on the Rochester Police Department to release the name, phone number, and gram price of whomever Granison’s dealer is.

“Cocaine is a terrible drug,” Wegman wrote in a statement released Thursday, “and it plagues our community. I, for one, cannot rest comfortably until I know who was responsible for providing this poison, and how much they charged, and also where I can call them.”

Wegman continued his pleas for full transparency in an interview on WXXI later that day. “There are so many dealers on the streets, ruining lives. Which one? Which one did this? For real, what’s his name?”

At press time, Inner Loop Blog reporters had reached out to the potential dealer, and plan to reach out to him again, but definitely no more often than once or twice per week.

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