Dad Who Remembers Every Bills Draft Pick For the Past Decade Forgets Son’s Birthday

Rochester, NY – It was Freddy McCallahan’s fifth birthday yesterday but he ended up celebrating it with just his mother because his father Teddy was busy “prepping for the draft.”

Teddy is not an NFL scout and is in no way affiliated with the Buffalo Bills, but he dedicates hours of his life studying up on college football prospects mostly so he can dominate the comment sections of Bills Mafia Facebook Group he’s a part of.

Unfortunately for his son, his birthday this year fell on “draft eve” which is the day that Teddy gets his “war room” ready. This means prepping his basement to the optimal temperature, making sure his snacks are ready, and finding the exact spot in his couch that will perfectly swaddle his whole ass for the entirety of the draft weekend. While figuring this all out he missed his son’s entire birthday.

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