10 Reasons to Go Back to Wegmans for a Third Time Today

One does not simply go to Wegmans once a day. Here are 10 reasons why you should go back a third time.

  1. You just spent over $100 on groceries but you forgot to grab something for dinner.
  2. You need a 12 pack of Ruby Red Kolsch to help you forget your obsession with Wegmans.
  3. You love waiting in line behind an old person who pays in coins.
  4. You enjoy risking your life in the Wegmans parking lot.
  5. You like getting exercise running through the store while your arms are full of groceries.
  6. You enjoy forgetting your reusable bag in the car.
  7. You live for the thrill of almost running into people with a shopping cart.
  8. You want to see if they finally made slices of your favorite pizza.
  9. You like to zig zag through aisles to avoid people you recognize.
  10. You are a masochist who gets off on going to Wegmans.

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