Victor Dad Feverishly Prepares Jokes for New Dick’s Store Opening

Victor, NY – Friday, a brand new state-of-the-art Dick’s Sporting Goods store opens in East view Mall. The grand opening is highly anticipated by many in the area but none more that local Victor dad, Stan Levins. The Innerloop Blog caught up with Stan to find out more about what’s got him so excited.

‘Well for starters, the store is named Dick’s. Hehe, you know like dicks. Woo boy, where do I start? My wife wants to go there and I’m like, what? You want to go check out Dick’s? Holy shit! Like the most hilarious joke ever!! Hunny, what did you think of the Dick’s? Guffaw! The jokes are endless. I mean, that is if I had anyone around to make the jokes to… My wife and children left me three years ago. She said I should go work at Dick’s because that’s what I am. Really hurts when the jokes on you.’

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