Purchasers of the Nick Tahous’ Building to Receive Two Car-Sized Pieces of Bread

Rochester, NY – This past week, the building that houses the historic birthplace of the ‘garbage plate,’ Nick Tahou’s at 320 W Main Street, appeared on a local real estate listing, the asking price being $975k. The Innerloop Blog reached out to the service to find out more details on the listing.

“Listen we understand that the price is a little steep but you have to understand this a landmark building that comes with it a restaurant that has a place in food history. Honestly, you can’t put a price on that. Yes, obviously you get two Nissan Sentra-Sized pieces of italian bread to go with the purchase. And heck, you even get a hot-tub full of butter to boot. Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t get the bread either. It helps with digestion? Soaks up the grease or something. Hey, do you want the building or not?”

With our limited budget, the blog could only offer $8.99 and an Acme Bar drink coin. The agency has reportedly declined the offer and is no longer taking our calls.

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