Construction On “Rush Limbaugh International Airport” To Begin In East Rochester Next Week

East Rochester, NY – Earlier this week, conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh passed away after a battle with lung cancer. This prompted mixed reactions from Americans, many of whom were grateful for his death. Limbaugh was seen by many as a bigoted troll, but in East Rochester, he was a hero – a hero apparently worthy of his own airport.

“If Frederick Douglass gets his own airport, Rush should too,” East Rochester resident Sam Rosier told an Inner Loop reporter. “He spoke to people like me – people who aren’t racist or homophobic, but also aren’t crazy about gays or minorities.”

The Inner Loop was able to catch up with East Rochester Mayor Jim Anderson, who confirmed that construction on an airport bearing Limbaugh’s name will commence next week. “People visiting the area deserve the option to land at an airport not named after a black guy,” Anderson told an Inner Loop reporter.

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