Wegmans Offering Organic Versions of COVID-19 Vaccine, Same Formula but Twice the Price

Rochester, NY – Wegmans has partnered with government officials to offer the COVID-19 vaccine at select locations for those who qualify and they’ve just announced they will also start to roll out their own name brand vaccine soon.

The Innerloop Blog has received an advanced copy of their press release and we’re posting it in its entirety here:

“Much like we’ve cracked Dr. Pepper’s secret recipe to make Dr. W, unlocked the mysteries of LaCroix to release our own line of boujee water, we’ve figured out the Phizer vaccine and soon we’ll be offering Wegmans Organic COVID-19 preventative in the Nature’s Marketplace section of certain stores.”

The expected retail price will be just enough for you to feel okay buying it but regret it as soon as you get home.

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