Man Accidentally Invests Life Savings Into Game Craze “Stock,” Loses Everything

Rochester, NY – A local man saw all the news about the GameStop stock surge and wanted to capitalize on it. But because he is not a financial wizard, or “good at reading,” he accidentally put all of his money into local used game store Game Craze.

Ashton Moore reportedly called into the Rochester-based store and asked to buy “$10,000 of publicly traded stocks.” Unfortunately, what the 16-year-old part-time employee heard on the other end of the phone was “$10,000 of PC trade-in Stonx.”

“I thought it was a little crazy that some dude would want so many copies of the game ‘Stonx’ since it was just a really crappy computer game made in the ’80s but he was pretty adamant,” says Johnny Frederickson who was working the phones today. Johnny agreed to the purchase and filled Moore’s order.

Ashton says he plans to try and make some of his money back by starting a Twitch stream as the “only Stonx player in the world.”

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