Amerks Announce They’ll Continue Having No Fans in the Stands for the 65th Season in a Row

Rochester, NY – “We’ve been ahead of the no fans in the stands movement before it was cool,” says Rochester Americans Chief Attendance Director Linden Nixon.

The American Hockey League just announced they’ll be returning to the ice starting in February and the Rochester Americans will be facing off once again in the Blue Cross Arena. But as per their tradition, they will be playing without fans present for the 65th year in a row.

“I think the government ordinance making other teams play without anyone cheering them on gives us a leg up,” says Danny Canadianname. “These other hosers aren’t used to being able to hear their own thoughts but we haven’t heard as much as a ‘woo’ in years. Eventually, the silence will get to these other teams and they’ll have a full-on identity crisis. That’s when we’ll get ’em.”

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