Bills Fan Upset He’ll Have To Throw Beer Down Twenty Rows To Douse Colts Fan

Buffalo, NY – For the first time this century, the Buffalo Bills will be hosting a playoff game. Only 6,700 tickets were available, and those sold within 24 hours. One of the lucky fans who will be in attendance is Brett Dellinger of Batavia.

“I can’t wait! I wanted to go with my neighbor who grew up in Indy and is a Colts fan, but he decided to get his own set of tickets away from me,” said Dellinger, who has been a Bills fan since he was in diapers. 

“He actually got better seats than me. He’s twenty rows down from where I’m at, which sucks, because it will be really hard to dump beer on him when the Bills score,” Dellinger went on to say. “Luckily I have a really strong arm. I mean, not Josh Allen strong, but strong enough to throw a beer down twenty rows and give that mother f*cker a nice little shower. I’m tired of him leaving his dog’s sh*t in my yard anyway. Let’s go, Buff-a-lo!”

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