Arcadia High School Students Overthrow Lunchroom, Declare Lunch Ladies Hiring Unconstitutional

Violence broke out at Greece Arcadia High School as students of the school stormed the lunch room to demand that the recent hiring of a lunch lady be overturned.

The school security tried to disperse the crowd using weaponized non lethal tiny chocolate milk cartons.

“Our demands will be met! We will not sit idly by and eat the same spicy chicken sandwich every day! The time has come for turkey and gravy, as well as more of that sesame chicken that doesn’t really taste like sesame chicken! Our time is now!” Said a 16 year old who refused to be named.

The student was seen waving a flag made of the wrappers of lukewarm hamburgers.

“Wait they what? Do they think I’m the one who is in charge of deciding the lunch menu?” Said the lunch lady from her protective bunker.

The superintendent of the school has yet to speak publicly on the subject but tweeted his support for the protests by saying.

“There are very fine people on both sides of the lunch line”

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