Local Man Has One Last Garbage Plate, Every Night This Week, Before “Getting Serious About Dieting”

Rochester, NY – “This is it,” said Lee Greenfeld of Henrietta to himself before shoveling a forkful of cheeseburger plate into his mouth. He’s decided that 2021 is going to be the year be finally commits to dieting but knows he’ll be craving the Rochester staple, so he’s having one final send off… every night this week.

“My strategy is the same from when me Dad caught me smoking when I was a teenager. He sat me down and made me smoke an entire pack in one sitting. It made me sick and I never smoked again.”

We reached out to dieticians to see if this would be effective and they said “if you eat a garbage plate every night, you’ll be well on your way to the rock hard body of your dreams because you’ll be a corpse in no time. When the rigor mortis kicks in, your abs will shredded.”

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