Secret ‘Underground’ Turkey Trot 5k to Be Run in Abandoned Subway

-Rochester, NY

‘With everything being cancelled this year because of the pandemic, we had to take the Turkey Trot underground…I mean literally under the ground,’ Steve Matthews of Webster told the Inner Loop Blog. Steve has been organizing the event for 10 years, this year if it was going to happen he had to get a little creative.

‘Yeah so this year there is no Turkey Trot,’ Steve told the blog while winking. ‘But if there was one, it would start over by the entrance to the abandoned subway near Dinosaur BBQ.

I’m really excited to hear that it’s still happening,’ Leslie Hall of Penfield told the blog when she heard the news. ‘My sisters and I didn’t make these personalized ‘Hall Lives Matter’ t-shirts for nothing!’

‘I think the new venue will provide a rawness that the run has been missing over the last couple of years’ Steve went on to tell the blog. ‘Honestly, you may be running for your life down there.’

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