Governor Cuomo Announces That You Can Only Be Thankful for a Maximum 10 Things

Albany, NY – In his latest press conference New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo issued new guidelines on how many things you can be thankful for this holiday. The Inner Loop Blog obtained a transcript of the statement.

‘Listen, I know we’re all tired of new guidelines but when they’re followed they work (points to graphic ‘following rules works’) These new instructions have to do specifically with the holiday. When you list all the things you are thankful for, limit them to a max of 10. This has been passed down from my CDC team as an appropriate number of gratitudes. Okay, I’ll get more specific, if you have children or pets, each one counts as one ‘thankful for.’ You can’t just say children or my pets (points to graphic saying ‘count each one separately’ )

Listen, I understand that this year especially we have a lot to be grateful for but please keep everyone’s’ safety in mind and limit it to 10 or less.

Also, this is unrelated, but when news outlets post this article please disable the comment section and in every article related to me going forward.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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