Susan B Anthony’s Gravesite on Election Day Named “Worst Place to Pick up Chicks”

Rochester, NY – Every election year Rochesterians flock to the grave of Susan B Anthony to place their “I Voted” sticker on her headstone as a tribute to all her work fighting for women’s right to vote. It’s a beautiful scene but more importantly, it’s a terrible spot to try to get laid.

According to men’s magazine Guns, Beer, And Boobs Quarterly, Anthony’s gravesite on the day of an election is by far the worst place on the planet to hit on women. Their research shows that you would have better chances of getting someone’s phone number if you approached them at their father’s wake.

The magazine did however clarify that Mount Hope Cemetery where Anthony is laid to rest is a great spot to pick up “spooky gothic chicks” on almost any other day of the year.

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