Mayor Warren Honored By RTS For Amount Of People She’s Thrown Under The Bus

Rochester, NY –  Based on Mayor Warren’s work this week firing Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary, suspending her communications director and the city’s attorney, and using several interviews to blame everyone for not telling her the real story about Daniel Prude’s death, RTS has announced they will be awarding her a major honor.

Once a year the public transportation service honors an employee with their coveted Golden Bus Pass, but based on her amazing ability to deflect, they have decided for the first time to give it to a non-driver, and send it to the Mayor’s Office. According to a press release, the trophy was awarded to her for “contributions to public transportation by throwing everyone under the bus.”

With everything that’s going on for the Mayor, it’s at least nice that she doesn’t have to deal with a Grand Jury investigating her 2017 campaign money. Oh wait. She does. Our bad. Rough year huh?

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