Local Father Upset His Son Still Hasn’t Filled Out Paychex Application

Webster, NY – Toby Lockhart is a 2020 graduate of St. John Fisher College, where he majored in Media Management. He would like to wait until the pandemic is a bit more under control before he begins applying for jobs in his field. His father Dave, however, has different plans.

“Paychex is hiring. I’ve been telling Toby to fill out an application since June, but he still hasn’t,” Dave told an Inner Loop reporter. “I keep telling him that employers don’t like to see gaps in your employment history, but he doesn’t seem to care. He just keeps playing Sonic or whatever on PlayStation.”

“Why would I work at Paychex?” Toby asked an Inner Loop reporter, rhetorically. “I didn’t even study that stuff. Why even go to college if you’re just going to do something that has nothing to do with your major?”

“He needs to get out there, show up at the office, and tell the manager he would love to work at Paychex,” said Dave. “That’s how you land a job. Even if it’s just an entry-level position that pays minimum wage, he can always work his way up the ladder.”

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