Police In Unmarked Vehicles Seen Arresting Peaceful Pastries At Ridge Donut Cafe

Rochester, NY – There has been a great deal of news coverage lately devoted to police in unmarked vehicles arresting peaceful protesters in Portland, Oregon. Now, it appears this phenomenon has made its way to Portland Avenue. Except it is not protesters who are being detained: it’s pastries.

According to several witnesses, on Wednesday, July 22nd, two unmarked vans pulled up to Ridge Donut Cafe. Eight men exited the vans in full riot gear, entered the restaurant, and put what according to the owner was a thousand dollars worth of donuts, cookies, and brownies into pillow cases, then sped off without saying a word.

“It’s not fair, man. These donuts have rights,” witness Chris Richardson told an Inner Loop reporter. “America is descending into Fascism right before our eyes. Free the donuts!”

Another witness, Ben Phillips, feels quite differently. “These pastries are no good. I mean, they’re delicious, but they give people this sugar rush that makes them go crazy. I say arrest them all. Trump 2020!”

The Inner Loop tried to interview an FBI agent outside of their Rochester office, but he refused to comment. We did ask him about the white powder below his nose, to which he claimed, “That’s not sugar, don’t be ridiculous. That’s just cocaine, you silly goose.”

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