Local Man Upset That 490 Protest Made Him Take The Long Way To Go Cheat On His Wife

Rochester, NY – Sunday afternoon, Black Lives Matter protestors took over a section of 490 to draw attention to police brutality. Although the protest did not interfere with those working traditional nine-to-five jobs, the situation turned out to be a major inconvenience for Larry Grovins of Victor.

“Every Sunday afternoon I visit my mistress, Tammy, in Churchville,” Grovins told an Inner Loop reporter. “It’s the only time I get away from my family, other than my job, and when I decide to go to the bar. It sucked because I had to take an alternate route, and by the time I got there, Tammy had taken too much Xanax and passed out. In other words, Black Lives Matter ****blocked me, and that’s why I don’t like them.”

At press time, Grovins is at his favorite watering hole wearing an “All Lives Matter” T-shirt, and looking for an East sider to cheat with, so he can avoid further ****blocking by protestors.

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