KKK Lawyer Sends Pines Of Perinton Cease And Desist Letter

Perinton, NY – Local news outlets throughout Monroe County reported Thursday about racist graffiti discovered at Pines of Perinton apartment complex. This was shocking to absolutely no one. On Thursday afternoon, The Inner Loop got a call from the Pines of Perinton property manager, informing us that he received a cease and desist letter for copyright infringement from a lawyer representing the KKK.

The letter states “We at the KKK never gave any Pines of Perinton residents permission to use our logo. We want nothing to do with Pines of Perinton. As much as we love white people, not those white people.”

At press time, a crew is removing the graffiti with a power washer, and if that doesn’t work they plan to cover it with ICP posters.

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