Upon Re-Opening, The Little Theatre Will Require Moviegoers to Only Wear a Little Mask

Rochester, NY  – As the region enters Phase 4 of re-opening, local movie theater, The Little has released a statement outlining its updated policies. The Inner Loop Blog was able to get an early edition of the statement. 

We at The Little are very excited to welcome back movie and popcorn lovers alike but first, we must talk safety. Due to the size of our theater, we have been advised to follow different Covid Precautions. 

  • Moviegoers must wear a mask but it can be a little one. Like one a baby would wear. Like a thong for your face. Don’t think G-string. 
  • Patrons are encouraged to wash their hands but can wash just one hand if inclined. Choose the hand that you do all the freak nasty stuff with. 
  • Stay home if you are feeling sick. Please, if you are coughing, have a fever or otherwise just have a general look of illness stay home. Let’s try to keep the horror to the movies. 
  • We’ll be doing our part by cleaning every other seat and keeping the floors sticky so you get that genuine small theater feel. 

We look forward to seeing you and if you sneeze at any point during a screening you will be banned for life. 

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