Mutual Hate of People Setting off Fireworks Brings City Together

Rochester, NY – “With everything going on nowadays, it’s really refreshing to have a common enemy,” Bob Andersen of the South Wedge told the Inner Loop Blog. That enemy he is referring to is of course the person or persons who are setting off the nightly firework display to the pleasure of no one.

“Yeah so, I’ve put together a group to find these a-holes. Everyone is welcome. Every race, religion, nationality, it’s really quite nice…getting to know my neighbors ya know? We’ve got a potluck this week and an ice cream social on Sunday. Ahmed from two houses down brought over some really tasty homemade hummus on Monday…and Lucy from the corner house, well let me say Lucy and I are going on our second date this weekend. The whole community is represented and united against this common threat. I guess what I’m saying is these dumb-dumbs lighting up the sky and interrupting my sleep have been really been a blessing. Also when we find who is doing it, we will kill them.


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