RIT’s D&D Club Disappointed To Learn ‘Magic Hat’ Coming To Rochester Is Just A Beer

Rochester, NY – Much like many of our residents, Magic Hat Brewing has announced they’ve given up on their big-city dreams and that they’re moving into Rochester.

It’s big news for local employer North American Breweries who will be taking them in, but sad news for the Dungeons and Dragons players of RIT who, for one brief moment, thought magic was real.

In a statement they released on their guild chatroom, RIT’s D&D Club warned all of their members to not believe the “fake news” about an “enchanted hat” coming to our city. “It’s just the name of some dumb beer company. It is not a quest item that will give you +10 intellect or any special abilities. In real life, drinking that beer may give you a +10 ability to crap your pants.”

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