Local Alcoholic Misses Embarrassing His Son At Red Wings Games

Rochester, NY – With the reopening process underway around the Finger Lakes region, it is still unclear when, or if, the Rochester Red Wings will play a 2020 season. Many fans are upset, but the uncertainty has been particularly hard on Dave Martin.

“I really miss going to games with my son,” Martin said, right before shotgunning a Genny. “I don’t get to see him a lot since his mom and I got divorced, and those games have always been special for us.”

Martin’s son, Corey, sees things a little differently. “My dad just gets wasted and harasses the other teams’ pitchers in the bullpen. We end up getting kicked out most of the time, and last year he got a DWI on the way home.”

Dave is remaining optimistic, despite grim predictions from experts. “I hope and pray that a month from now, Corey will be shaking me awake for the seventh inning stretch. I love baseball, I love my son, and I love cold beer.”

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