Local Fire Department Warns Residents Against Using Water in Case of Greece Fire

Greece, NY – Over the last couple of weeks a string of fires have occurred in the ‘well-respected’ westside town. Greece fire captain, Anthony Gubliota spoke at a recent town meeting and The Inner Loop blog was there to hear what he had to say.

‘Listen everybody, I know if you’ve got a fire everyone right away wants to get water but not here, not in Greece. OK. You following me? Here, if there’s a fire, you just let it burn. Let it burn until there’s just a pile of ashes and then we’ll come with a big broom to sweep em’ up. Then the family that lived there can move to a different, better town say like I don’t know Penfield or something…probably can’t afford Pittsford or Brighton. But anyways, repeat after me everyone Stop, Drop and leave Greece as fast as you can.”


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