‘Gary-the-Happy-Pirate’ Speaks Out Against Former Bandmate ‘Steve-The-Abusive-Cop’

Rochester, NY – Following the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, many have been speaking out about the injustices that they have experienced at the hands of the police. This past week Gary Smith more commonly known as Gary the Happy Pirate, the recently retired beloved children’s performer contacted the Inner Loop Blog to speak about his tumultuous past with his former bandmate, Steve the Abusive Cop.

‘Yeah we all thought it was an odd choice of name, you know especially since we were performing for children. The kids didn’t like him too much and to be honest he didn’t help himself.  The first show he pulled a gun on a little girl because he said he said she wasn’t having enough fun. The dude would just fly off the handle, for barely any reason, pretty sure he was taking steroids and cocaine because once I walked in on him taking steroids and cocaine. I’m not sure what happened to Steve but I sure hope he got the help he needed. Also, he didn’t even really play an instrument, he would just blow a whistle every once in a while and glared at everyone. What. A. Psycho.’

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