‘Don’t They Have Jobs?’ Pittsford Mom Who Has Never Worked A Day In Her Life Types Below Article

Pittsford, NY – Upon seeing images of the protests in Downtown Rochester over the last couple of weeks, Nancy Stevens of Pittsford left her comment and added ‘I mean seriously,’ closing her laptop in a huff. The Inner Loop blog caught up with Nancy and asked her if she would like to expand on her comment.

Inner Loop: So Nancy, we looked into it and turns out that many, if not all of the people at the protest downtown do currently or lost their jobs due to closings caused by the pandemic. Also, some of them took time off from their work to dedicate themselves to a cause that is meaningful. While you’re free to comment below any post, it shows your ignorance to what is truly going on and contributes absolutely nothing to society.

Nancy: Did you have a question?

Inner Loop: No.

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