Fairport Brewery Issues Apology, Lifts Ban on Dark Beers

Fairport, NY – The owners of Fairport Brewing Company have admitted that one of their employees was involved in the tearing down of “Black Lives Matters” posters and issued an apology. The Inner Loop Blog was messaged the following early draft of the apology from an unverified source from a beer rating website ‘IPAsMakeIPee.’ 

“We at FBC are all about diversity, that’s why in addition to our donation to BLM, we’ve decided to start brewing darker ales, stouts and maybe even a few browns. FBC prefers to call the browns, amber ales so as not to make the locals nervous. Previously, it was the brewery’s decision to stick to lighter, wheat, or white beers. We personally believe that they’re far superior to the darker ales. A lot of the lighter beers such as the pilsners or Hefeweizens are from Germany and we love Germany’s long rich history especially the years from 1933-1945. But in light of recent events, we have changed our stance on that. We hope that the community sees this as growth and continues to drink our very mediocre beer.

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