RPD Now Offering Both Regular, And Boss Sauce Flavored Pepper Spray

Rochester, NY – With tensions at an all-time high, the Rochester Police Department has announced that before pepper-spraying a peaceful protestor, they will offer an option for Boss Sauce flavor.

“I think this is a move that can bring all members of the community together,” said RPD Chief, La’Ron Singletary. “I mean, we could just stop spraying peaceful protestors altogether, but why do that when you can support a local business?”

The Innerloop sat down with Boss Sauce CEO Mark Walters, who said “I want nothing to do with this. It sounds like a PR disaster… but they threatened to hit me with batons if I didn’t.”

When asked, “Where do you go from here?” Singletary said, “Our next move is to offer rubber bullets shaped like Zweigle’s hot dogs.”

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