Large Crate of Nacho Cheese Doritos Delivered to City Hall After THC Testing for City Employees Canceled

Rochester, NY – This week the city approved legislation removing THC as a chemical tested for pre-employment screenings. Not an hour after the approval, a large crate with the Doritos logo was delivered to City Hall. The Inner Loop blog was on the scene to investigate.

‘Uh uh we gotta get that shit inside. Momma knows she got the munchies’ one city employee who preferred to remain unnamed near the scene declared as we approached.

The Inner Loop was able to catch up with a perspective employee who was there that day for an interview. ‘What job am I here for today? Hmm. What job am I here…what job… ya know what is a job even man? It’s just a word, three letters… Umm. Mayor, I think.

The city will continue to test potential employees for other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines. ‘Shiiiit, crack too? Well good thing I already work for the city” another person who requested to be anonymous told the Inner Loop. ‘Now. You got any napkins for my orange fingers?’ 



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