City Honors Bravery of Essential Workers by Flying Seagulls Over Monroe Ave

Rochester NY – Inspired by the Blue Angels flight across America, the city decided Wednesday that they too would honor the bravery of the region’s essential workers with a flight of their own.

‘Truly breathtaking’ one local called the seagulls’ flight from the McDonald’s to the 7-11 and back to the McDonald’s because someone had dropped their fries in the parking lot.

‘It’s just not something you see every day’ another city resident standing outside the laundromat told the Inner Loop Blog.

‘Yes it is stupid’ another resident yelled. We asked if they might expand on that. ‘like I said, we see that dumb shit every day. Damn seagulls, where the sea? huh? These seagulls just eat Cheetos and drink Mountain Dew Code Red, they crazy.

‘Not at all’ was the response we received when we asked an essential worker if they were inspired by the city’s efforts. ‘Halfway through the flight one of the birds shit on the guy driving a convertible. Now that was funny, inspiring no, hilarious yes.

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