South Wedge Woman Unsure If She Wants Some Tea or to Ever Feel Loved Again

Rochester, NY- We’re coming into the second month of the quarantine and many people are becoming uneasy. Shops are closed, the only form of entertainment we have left is going to Trader Joe’s to see how long the line is.

Leslie Wyatt who lives in the South Wedge area of Rochester is trying to enjoy her time in isolation. She’s labeled herself as the “Queen” of introverts. She’s currently stuck in a predicament of sorts. Leslie has been craving a nice cup of chamomile tea. The only issue is Leslie doesn’t know if she’s really craving a cup of tea or if she’s just longing for the love of another human being. We were able to grab an exclusive interview with Leslie., this is what she had to say.

” I’ve always been able to be on my own and I decided pretty early on that I never really needed anyone else. Ever since opening up my at-home crystal, tarot card, and yoga studio. I’ve never really felt the need of having another human being by my side. I think having five to twelve cats is about the size of a normal human being. So I find it bizarre that as of lately, I have found myself really craving another person or just someone who would touch me in any way. I always just assumed drinking my tea was the same feeling as being loved by someone else. I’ll see what my crystals have to say about this. I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding.

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