Summer Festivals Ask for “Volunteer Corpses” to Take Advantage of Mayor Warren’s Vigil Loophole

Rochester, NY – Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren allowed a 200 person vigil this week and local festivals are clamoring to jump on this new loophole.

According to the precedent set by the Mayor, large gatherings are ok again if there is mourning involved. While some are calling her actions “reckless,” local promoters are calling it an “opportunity.”

Some of the summer festivals that have been canceled have reached out to local funeral homes to offer the families of recently deceased people the option to hold their funeral during their festivities. In exchange, they will be given free Kettle Corn and Beef Jerky.

“If we can say our (cough cough) ‘flower festival’ is actually a flower vigil, we still might be able to bring Blues Traveler into town to play some ‘funeral music’ in your loved one’s honor,” said one anonymous festival organizer.

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