Bills Mafia Plans To Counter Pittsburgh’s Terrible Towels With Wing Sauce Stained Moist Towelettes

Pittsburgh, PA – Bills Mafia is traveling in force tonight for Buffalo’s game against the Steelers and The InnerLoop Blog has been leaked their secret plan to get into the heads of Pittsburgh’s players and fans.

The Terrible Towel is a Steelers staple made popular in 1975 when a radio announcer convinced an entire city of dummies that a dish towel was the key to their team’s success.

Not too be outdumbed, Bills fans are bringing their own beloved towel. The Moist Towelette.

Yes, the after-dinner-treat given all who eat Buffalo Wings which is used to clean the hot sauce off of their fingers before touching their genitals.

The Bills Mafia has been collecting their dirty, spicy, stinky moist towelettes for the last month and plans sew them together and wave them proudly in Heinz Field all night.

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