Dogtown Sues Bob’s Burger’s Creators Over Quirky Menu Item Name Infringement

ROCHESTER, NY – In a landmark court case sure to shake up the pun-based joke community, Dogtown Hots is asserting the writers of Bob’s Burgers stole their food-based joke format with Bob’s Burger of the day.

“We truly believe we invented food-based jokes, and I’m pretty sure I saw that Arby’s peddling bastard H Jon Benjamin in here taking photos of our special board and yelling ‘wow this is going to be great for my new cartoon show Bob’s Burgers, airing Sundays at 8:30 After Family Guy during Fox’s Animation Domination’ at the top of his lungs” – said Dogtown owner and part-time forklift refurbisher Alden Trundle.

At this time the only courthouse willing to accept this case has been former local judge Leticia Astacio, who is promoting her new show on public access “Bad Judgment”

The Bob’s Burger’s creators and Jon Benjamin could not be reached for comment, but when we tweeted at them we were instantly blocked and reported for harassment, so now we have to deal with that now.

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