Parkleigh Loads Up On Whacky Socks In Preparation For Black Friday

ROCHESTER, NY – With the biggest shopping day of the year on the horizon, local nick nacks and patty wack store that also sells expensive fudge is bracing for a big day of sock sales after Thanksgiving.

“We know people are going to be lined up outside the door, pushing and shoving, trying to be first in line to stuff their shopping bags full of our wonky, silly, and downright absurd selection of socks!” exuberant store owner Kimbers Prinzels exclaimed as she loaded up the shelves with Rick & Morty themed socks and others with the f*** word on them.

“I mean, who doesn’t love a good pair of work socks with some reference to drinking beers or some wild design that looks like a couch your aunt bought from a thrift store? Honestly, it’s easier than putting real thought into a gift for my family, whom I don’t associate. These socks are for me” said customer and local Lake Ontario water drinker Jimothy Pibbles.

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