Josh Allen Under Impression That Cocaine is Legal in Miami

MIAMI, FL – Preparing for a matchup with the Dolphins this Sunday, one Bills player is more excited about a perceived opportunity to imbibe on local delicacies.

“Obviously I am focused on the Dolphins and getting us to 7-3, and the availability of the best blow in the country is going to come in handy so I can do a couple rails at halftime to keep the peddle to the metal” Josh Allen gleefully spoke to the media at his press conference, apparently unaware that street drugs are still illegal in Miami and the entire state of Florida despite what we know about Florida.

“Honestly it’s pretty awesome the NFL gives everyone who plays a Florida team a free pass from mandatory drug tests so we can let loose a little bit” Allen, doing a line off the podium before he is tackled by head coach Sean Mcdermott

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