Ja Rule Announced as Park Ave Fest’s New Producer

Rochester, NY – Park Ave Fest recently revealed that they were in desperate need of a new sponsor in order to run the next festival. Without wasting any time, Festival connoisseur and friend of Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule stepped up to the plate and offered to produce the festival.

Mr. Rule gave The Inner Loop an exclusive inside scoop on how he plans to run this year’s Festival.

“First order of business is a location. Park ave is cool, but I found a great deal on a completely uninhabitable island in the middle of the ocean, which I feel is the perfect location for the new “Pyrk Ayve Luxury Festival”

The island has it all, says Ja. No water or food, a baseline level of radiation that’s only JUST above what is harmful to human beings. The island is also overrun by a pack of exactly 36 capuchin monkeys, who have achieved mild sentience due to the radiation and are extremely violent towards any human being between the ages of 18/25 who are wearing wrist bands.

The festival will offer things that have never before been available to Rochestarians, such as a $700 half-eaten bologna sandwich for lunch, and a limited amount of “Presidential Suite Mud Huts” that come complete with a door, and mud.

All attendees also get to compete for the right to be the guy who has to give someone a blowjob for a 30 pack of Poland Springs Water.

Halfway through the press conference, the festival was canceled, no refunds were offered, and Ja Rule was summarily whisked away by a helicopter being operated by the previously mentioned monkeys, who it seems are under the eternal control of Ja himself.

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