Ghosts of Bills Late Season Collapses Past Visit Josh Allen To Warn of Impending Doom

BUFFALO, NY – Off to a 5-1 start, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills look like they’re well on their way to the postseason.

But the turmoil filled past 20 years of failure has come back to haunt Allen as he tries to prepare for this weekends matchup with the Eagles.

“Are you thinking playoffs? Do you believe you’re ready to take the next step and defeat Tom Brady? Fool. Tis almost November, your fate is sealed. Resistance is futile.” Trent Edwards, best known for his 5-1 start in 2008 that ended in tragedy and looking like a rejected contestant on The Bachelor.

“You’re 5-1. Everyone loves you. They’re talking playoffs. We talked playoffs in 2011. They even gave me franchise QB money mid season because ‘Fitzmagic’ was going to last forever. Now I’m a punchline. Did you know I went to Harvard?” Ryan Fitzpatrick of the 2011 Bills who went from 5-2 to 6-10 and burned Bills fans harder than butt chugging a bottle of Franks Red Hot.

“Hey I’m Nathan Peterman. I’m here to let you know these fans will believe in literally ANYONE. If you fail, next year they’ll be ready to buy into whatever late round draft pick after you start 0-2. Just accept it and get ready to sign with Oakland/Las Vegas in a couple years. It’s not so bad, Coach Gruden is hilarious and there’s no fans to be mad at you.”

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