NEW Candy Bar Filled with Hot Sauce Released Just in Time for Halloween

ROCHESTER, NY – The owner of a local hots restaurant is trying to capitalize on Rochester’s obsessions with Garbage Plates and getting diabetes with a new Candy Bar filled with Meat Hot Sauce.

“I got the idea when some kid stoned out of his mind was sitting at one of our booths at 1am saying that the sauce tasted like candy,” said Dale Irvington the candy bar inventor.

The ‘Rochester Chew’ will be a variation of the Hot Sauce residents have come to know and love stuffed inside a milk chocolate bar.

What many people do not know is when the meat-based plate gravy is refridgerated it goes from a liquid to a delightful solid. We say many people do not know this because the majority of Rochesterians have never had to save a Garbage Plate, opting to eat 3000 calories in one sitting like a hero.

“It tastes like regret,” said one man sampling the candy bar who we caught dashing for a bathroom holding both his mouth and butt closed with his hands.

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