Newly Torn Up Monroe Ave “Already An Improvement” Amidst Construction

Despite fears by city administrators, the effective destruction of parts of Monroe Avenue has been received positively, by most.

Monroe Avenue – Rochester, NY

City officials were baffled today as their constituents declined to full-on revolt over recent construction on Monroe Ave. The complete destruction of the useful layers of road was expected to draw criticism from Rochester commuters. Instead, the recent move has drawn a surprising amount of praise.

“Well, the thing is…” begins Monroe Avenue commuter Dave Nichols, who struggles to get to the point. “Potholes tend to sneak up on you. But when the whole street is made of holes, that’s a bit more manageable.”

This statement echoes those of most commuters that we spoke to. There were a few people who were frustrated with the timing of the construction, but some commuters went so far as to say that they enjoyed the change:

“I like to open my mouth and make a sound while I go over the broken road,” says Wegmans employee and local psychopath Megan Greenbaum. “Like when you’re in a shopping cart as a little kid. It’s nice to think back on my childhood and smile while I’m on my way to work.”

Happier than anybody was locally contracted construction workers who knew that they would return soon; when the road is once more destroyed by the frozen Hell of snow, salt, and ice that is a Rochester winter.

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  1. I’m in the middle of having several hundred dollars-worth of work being done on my Odyssey’s front end. Monroe Ave has a lot to do with it. They did a good job on Lake Avenue. Let’s hope this goes at least as well.

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