Women in Audience Left Pregnant After Skycoasters F***ing Shred Fundraiser Event

Rochester, NY – Rochester’s go-to party band ‘The Skycoasters’ are known for their high energy shows but their recent performance took it to a whole other level.

When the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Rochester booked the #Coasters they expected a fun party but their fundraiser quickly took a turn when the band took the stage.

“The night was fine, people were drinking and chatting, but when the Skycoasters went on it was like a gosh darn madhouse. It was like Prince and David Bowie came back to life and started playing at this thing. Everybody got dangerously horny” said organizer Gary Collsberth.

Only three songs into their set, the Skycoasters knew they had the audience in a trance, but they decided to take it to eleven with a ‘Sweet Caroline’ cover. During the “So Good, So Good” call-and-response portion of the song, the audience started to get distracted by some faint popping sounds coming from the dancefloor.

Evidently, the power of their rocking made every woman in the audience simultaneously regrow and break their hymens. Upon further inspection from their gynecologists after the show, 95% of women in the audience that night report being pregnant.

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