Leaf-Peeping Walks Down Erie Canal “Horrific” After Trees Evolve, Learn To Scream In Pain

Rochester, NY – “Leaf-Peepers” are reporting that their favorite fall activity has been ruined now after recent changes in local Trees.

After thousands of years of doing nothing but turning garbage air into that good-good, several tree species in the area have evolved to include a giant mouth. While that alone is frightening enough to look at, it appears that all the trees can do at this time is scream.

“It seems like the trees have grown tired of Rochester couples walk through their dying corpses to hold hands and take selfies. Those Autumn colors aren’t beautiful, it’s them slowly dying for the season. Now their mouths can vocalize the pain they’re going through” says arboriculturist Fred Leaflet.

The screaming goes on all day and some towns have taken matters into their own hands to stop the blood-curdling sounds. The Town Of Pittsford is catching flak from nature lovers all over the world for their giant “tree ball gag” solution.

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